2DOF Motion Platform

The 2DOF motion platform is entirely designed for customers expecting incredible precision and highest level of immersion. Product  is has been engineered to be faster and more compact. The seat mover comes with our Platform Manager, which is specialized software for the platform and is plug and play compatible with all major racing and flight titles on PC and constantly updated to support new titles as they are released.

The unit is dedicated for applications where only seat movements are required. The motion system is not only used by sim racers but also leading universities, military defense force, training institutions and professional drivers and pilots.


Payload: 235kg

Applications: Racing, rally and flights simulators.

Yaw: ±10°, up to 36°/s (under load condition)

Sway: ±100.75 mm, up to 361mm/s (under load condition)

Weight: 108kg


gaming and entertainment

VR projects

serious games application for land and air simulation

therapeutic support equipment

professional SimRacing

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Team Allcontroller

When selecting Stewart platform, it is necessary to select according to the environment and function to be simulated, which is very important for the accuracy of speed, angle and displacement. After determining the type, please contact us, we will arrange professional technicians to contact you!