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The semi-physical simulation system developed based on virtual reality technology can integrate various wartime factors such as weapons, targets, and the environment, integrate the trainers' vision, hearing, and other senses, and provide a realistic virtual space. The trainees can use various human-computer interaction equipment to make the operator have an immersive feeling, which can greatly improve the training quality.

The development of the field of VR+ simulation training is a method of using virtual simulation technology to simulate battle situations, strategies, and tactics. Compared with actual combat exercises, it can provide more different combat styles, combat tasks, battlefield situations and random events, and the training site occupies less space, the virtual scene can be customized, the cost is less, and the training efficiency is high. It has important strategic significance and economic benefits.

Pain points of the industry

At present, the simulation training industry is relatively scattered. Most of the simulation training systems developed on the market only focus on skill training, and lack tactical training. The real combat process covers many elements such as combat missions, communications, command, control, electronic warfare, intelligence reconnaissance, chemical defense, fire strikes, unit/unit movement, and each element covers many subdivisions. The ultimate goal of training simulation is It is to provide a joint training environment similar to actual combat.

The future simulation training system needs to comprehensively and organically integrate all elements of the combat process. It can not only carry out training of all elements and the whole process, but also carry out training of specific links or elements.

Squad-level installation simulation training platform

The unit-level installation simulation training platform is a simulation training platform developed based on simulation technologies such as equipment dynamics simulation control, equipment performance modeling and simulation, and crew operating environment construction, combined with virtual simulation technology. Focusing on adapting to the new features of unit synthesis training and the new changes in Army missions, the platform focuses on the needs of unit training exercises under joint combat conditions. By building a virtual battlefield environment and combining real-installed simulation equipment, the platform organizes tactical confrontation and simulates unit-level combat. Synthetic training, comprehensive guidance and control, simulation models, command intervention, training monitoring and evaluation and other functions, so as to exercise the troops' combat awareness, combat skills, and combat psychological endurance.

The unit-level simulation training platform can replace the real vehicle for training, and build a three-dimensional space close to the real. The combination of software and hardware makes the whole training process closer to the real training situation. It is of great significance to improve the professional skills of troops, reduce training time, and reduce the loss of real vehicles.

Immersive combat environment perception

Using immersive VR equipment, combined with hardware simulation equipment, trainees can realistically perceive the battlefield environment

Simulated unit-level synthetic training

Realize the whole process and all-element support of confrontation drills, and comprehensively improve the level of "guidance, control, judgment, evaluation and management" of the troops

scientific evaluation

Using simulation means to carry out accurate guidance and judgment and scientific analysis and evaluation

Software-management terminal

Personnel file center

The software supports personnel file management, and can import and export personnel information in batches. If you are an administrator, you can also control personnel operation permissions, and it has good collaboration and confidentiality.

Subject Management Center

It supports custom driving vehicle models, obstacle road sections, etc., not only that, but also can specify different weather conditions, training time, etc., to train students' driving ability under extreme conditions to the greatest extent.

After the course training is completed, you can also view the training situation of the students according to the subjects, and intuitively manage the training results of the students.

Grade Center

In the performance center, you can view student performance statistics in two dimensions: Dimension 1: Display the statistics of accumulated training data, statistics of training error-prone points, and the average performance of training; Dimension 2: Display the details of each person's historical training data in the dimension of personnel , training quality, etc.

Monitoring Center

The monitoring center can view the training screen and assessment screen of the trainees in real time, evaluate the training situation of the trainees, and support the switching of the first and third perspectives. During the training process, add restricting rods, explosives and other distractions on the road section to exercise students' on-the-spot reaction ability: change the weather background during the training process, and exercise students' driving skills in severe weather conditions.

Software-student side

training mode

The training is divided into individual training, team training, etc., to train students' training ability in different situations.

After the training is completed, you can view the results of the training just now, the historical training results, and the mistakes, so as to correct and optimize the training skills.

Examination mode

After logging in to the student side, you can enter the assigned assessment without having to choose, which is convenient for the troops to manage the assessment content of the students.

After the assessment is completed, the system will automatically score, and you can check the results and errors immediately after the assessment.

Hardware (Armored Vehicle Simulator)

driving on the field

Driving on the field is a place for simulating the routine training of troops. The surface is a gravel road. You can train in the field on soil ridges, 8 sub-roads, double right-angle bends, reverse storage, anti-tank trenches and other ground conditions. You can also add wading as needed. Road, simulating different road conditions, the simulator makes different somatosensory feedback according to the road conditions, as if driving a real armored vehicle.

By driving on the field, trainees can master basic driving skills and common obstacle road sections, break through the limitations of the field, form driving muscle memory before real driving, and improve training efficiency and combat capability.

city road driving

Urban road driving simulates urban roads, including traffic lights, side parking and serpentine roads. The simulator provides students with real ground feedback and driving experience based on urban roads.

This training can enable trainees to master the basic skills of urban road driving.

complex road driving

Driving on complex roads can simulate extreme driving scenarios such as soft sandy soil areas and snow fields, and simulate driving scenarios such as sideslips and silts. Through Monte Carlo algorithm, Newton Euler (inverse) dynamics algorithm and other dynamics-related algorithms, the half-object can be Simulate real physical feedback.

This training breaks through the limitation of scenarios, defines extreme weather by itself, and trains students' driving skills and on-the-spot reaction ability in extreme situations.


Immerse yourself in combat and save costs.

Combined with the semi-physical armored vehicle simulator, it supports on-field driving, urban road driving, and complex road driving, creating a training environment close to reality, replacing actual equipment models for training, gradually improving the operational capabilities of trainees and teams, and saving manpower and time costs.

Fine modeling, constructing a panorama.

Simulate and build a variety of armor equipment, battlefield environments, and combat terrains to make the training background more comprehensive and close to actual combat, and to provide a refined battlefield space with photorealistic light and shadow effects.

Real-time monitoring, ability evaluation.

It has a real-time monitoring system for multiplayer battles, which can detect training problems in real time and optimize the training process. At the same time, the assessment system automatically scores the performance of the operator or team as a reference for the driving ability of the trainee.

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