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6-DOF  swing platform is also known as the 6-DOF  motion platform in the industry. As the name suggests, this is a motion platform with a parallel structure. At present, the research and development and application of this technology are very mature, but I believe that most of my friends are not familiar with this sports platform in their daily lives. Therefore, the editor will introduce the characteristics of the six-degree-of-freedom platform. I believe that after reading this introduction carefully, you will surely gain a lot of knowledge.

  6-DOF motion platform

   The six-axis positioning system emphasizes six-axis and positioning. Six-axis refers to electric equipment that can complete six degrees of freedom. Specifically, it includes XY horizontal movement, z up and down movement, rotation, and swing in two directions.

Positioning refers to equipment that requires motion accuracy. Parallel means that all the motion mechanisms in the system move at the same time to achieve a target position. Tandem refers to the independent movement of the motion mechanism in the system, and finally to a target position.

The common parallel structure is six legs, six fulcrums push a movement surface at the same time, change the leg length or single leg plus joint; there are also tripod structure, three legs, one fulcrum, each single leg plus XY translation mechanism.

series connection is relatively simple, six independent working platforms are superimposed to move together. Regarding the advantages and disadvantages: the advantage of the six-axis parallel system is that it is compact and does not have so many lines. The series structure is one-by-one-layer platform, and six layers are stacked. Each additional layer increases the load capacity of the bottom-layer platform and the volume becomes larger. The load capacity of the table in series structure is not as good as that in parallel. And there are more than a dozen wires in the six stations for communication and power supply, which is very confusing. The six-axis parallel mechanism decomposes a target position through a matrix conversion method. Therefore, the stacking error can be avoided, and the repeat accuracy can be improved.

The advantages of the tandem structure are relatively simple. Parallel rotation cannot rotate 360 degrees without limit. The stroke of each degree of freedom of the parallel structure is very limited, but not in series. And if it is not necessary to have six axes, as long as four or five axes are connected in series, you can increase or decrease the match at will.

  6-DOF motion platform table basic functions

  Motion posture simulation

  The electric six-degree-of-freedom rocking table has six degrees of freedom of motion, and can complete any motion posture simulation in its reachable motion space. The six-degree-of-freedom motion can be performed alone or combined with any number of degrees of freedom.

  Motion parameter setting

Before the rocking table moves, you can set the motion parameters of the rocking table according to the requirements. The setting parameters include: freedom of motion selection, motion law of the selected freedom, motion amplitude of the selected freedom, and motion frequency of the selected freedom , The slewing center of the moving platform on the swing table.

  exercise information display function

The software of the upper computer of the rocking table can also display the current motion status of the rocking table in real time, the three-dimensional animation display of the motion posture of the rocking table; the real-time motion speed and displacement curve display of the six electric cylinders of the rocking table; the real-time data display of the movement position of the six electric cylinders of the rocking table .

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