3DOF Motion Platform

  Allcontroller 6dof motion platform solution is very suitable for powerful and affordable motion systems for applications such as airplanes, military vehicles or racing simulators. It can also support other application areas, such as entertainment or test benches for research and development.

  The 6dof motion platform Consists of control software, detection software, electrical control system, motion platform and intelligent full control system.

  The base of the 6dof motion platform is installed on the foundation foundation. The upper platform of 6dof motion platform is supported by six electric cylinders. The motion platform and the electric cylinder are connected by a Hooke hinge, the electric cylinder and the foundation are also connected by a Hooke hinge, and the six electric cylinders are driven by servo motors. Under the coordinated control of the host computer control system, the stroke of the electric cylinder is controlled to realize the movement of the motion platform with six degrees of freedom: pitch, roll, yaw, lateral, longitudinal and vertical movement. The whole platform system has the advantages of compact structure, smooth motion, high rigidity, good dynamic performance, high reliability, simple operation and maintenance, etc. It is an ideal platform for realizing six-degree-of-freedom motion control in space.



  ·Our motion simulator platform is VR compatible, virtual reality is paired with our motion simulator.

  ·We offer Full 6 DOF motion simulator versions to reproduce automobiles, aircrafts, or any other vehicle motion.

  ·Adjustable motion simulator mounts allow customization of the platform to your needs.

  ·Our motion simulator is very reliable and widely used in universities and military.

  ·Experience every bump, vibration and speed change, an incredibly immersive experience.

  ·After careful design and years of experience to ensure the excellent performance and quality of each motion simulator.

  ·Built in power source, including an active PFC function to protect from short circuit, overload, overvoltage and overheating.

  ·Compatible with all major racing and flight titles on PC with simple USB plug in.

  Realistic super smooth operation using advanced actuator speed management.

Software Interface

motion platform controlling software


motion platform controlling software

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When selecting Stewart platform, it is necessary to select according to the environment and function to be simulated, which is very important for the accuracy of speed, angle and displacement. After determining the type, please contact us, we will arrange professional technicians to contact you!