5G remote control: 6dof motion platform excavator remote driving simulation

This 5G excavator remote control equipment is a six-degree-of-freedom platform carefully built by our company for customers. It seamlessly connects to customer remote control programs to realize remote control of excavators thousands of miles away. The work scene is real-time through video Synchronously transmitted back to the operating room and displayed in front of the display screen. 5G remote driving and operation has become the current industrial development trend. More and more devices can realize this type of application through 5G. Our company has successfully developed and customized for customers, including remote A series of remote control assistance for passenger car driving and excavator control operations.

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When selecting Stewart platform, it is necessary to select according to the environment and function to be simulated, which is very important for the accuracy of speed, angle and displacement. After determining the type, please contact us, we will arrange professional technicians to contact you!