25 05 2022

Application of Servo Electric Cylinder on 6DOF Motion Platform

The 6DOF motion platform is a dynamic simulation device used for the simulation training of aircraft...

17 05 2022

Specifics, Applications and Functions of the 6DOF Stewart Motion Platform

The 6DOF motion simulation platform simulator system is composed of Stewart multi-degree-of-freedom ...

11 05 2022

Product Features of Nanjing AllControl 6DOF Racing Simulator

The 6DOF platform is very suitable for simulation training. The mainstream domestic simulation train...

25 04 2022

The significance of professional aviation flight simulation cabin


20 04 2022

System composition and function of 6DOF fighter flight simulation simulator

The 6DOF VR fighter flight simulation simulator integrates the flight and driving

14 04 2022

Maritime carrier-based UAV self-balancing lifting platform solution

UAV is an unmanned flying vehicle, among which small UAVs are widely used in engineering and life,

27 10 2021

Large-scale 6DOF Flight motion platform for film and television landscaping use

The 6dof flight simulation motion platform is specially designed for

09 07 2021

5G remote control: 6dof motion platform excavator remote driving simulation

This 5G excavator remote control equipment is a six-degree-of-freedom platform carefully built by ou...

02 03 2021

Pros and cons of helicopter training simulator

Once only available for military training, flight simulators have come a long way in the past

22 01 2021

VR fatigue driving experience to prevent traffic safety

Drunk driving, speeding and fatigue driving are the three most dangerous driving behaviors that are

14 08 2020

There are some characteristics about 6-DOF motion platform

6-DOF swing platform is also known as the 6-DOF motion platform in the industry.