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The 6dof motion platform can realize six-axis movements such as pitch, roll, yaw, lateral displacement, longitudinal displacement, and vertical lifting, and the actions can be superimposed. It also includes actions under special flight conditions, such as bumps, crashes, etc. The vibration system can achieve 0-10Hz vibration at any frequency, realize the vibration of the aircraft on the ground, the vibration of the helicopter over excessive speed, the vibration effect of high-speed flight and high vertical speed, making the aircraft more realistic. The visual display adopts a ring display unit composed of 3 LCD screens. Obtain the flight attitude feedback data directly from the scene to control the platform.


1. When the aircraft starts to accelerate in a straight line, the platform can reflect the frustration and turbulence of the aircraft due to the airflow. As for the launch of a missile, the flight action, and the collision of the aircraft, it will be like a flip;

2. The platform is equipped with the Joystick of Saitek Rhino, which is a high-end gaming joystick. Our platform reads game data, and the game reads joystick data, the same way as real flight data reads, it can be said to give players an extraordinary experience.

products are used in military flight training, video game entertainment venues, large casinos, theme parks, museums, science and technology museums, resort attractions, private corporate clubs, star hotels, large cinemas, aviation exhibitions, etc.

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