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A driving simulator is a teaching device for driving training. It uses virtual reality simulation technology to create a virtual driving training environment. People interact with the virtual environment through the operating components of the simulator, so as to carry out driving training. Driving simulators in a broad sense include car driving simulators, aircraft driving simulators, ships Driving simulators and more. Any simulation equipment used for "driving" can be called a driving simulator. Of course, compared to other driving simulators, car driving simulators are the most widely used. In modern society, the car has become a very common means of transportation and transportation, because the application of car driving simulators is more extensive.

This 6DOF car simulator is used for Chery Xingtuzhen car experience simulation. The experiencer can experience the driving performance of the car without leaving home when the experiencer is in the car, along with the movement of the motion platform. It is very suitable for use in auto shows and 4S stores. , which is convenient for consumers to understand the motion state of the car in various driving environments and better understand the performance of the car.

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