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VR virtual reality water drop cabin

The virtual reality technology museum (VR) water drop cabin is an enclosing spherical cabin with a strong sense of science fiction. The whole process is very attractive for the experiencer from the distance to the approach, to boarding the cabin, wearing the seat belt, and wearing VR glasses. people. At the same time, the Virtual Reality Science and Technology Museum (VR) project uses psychological design. At the beginning of the film, there is also the same cabin scene in the picture, which makes it difficult for the audience to distinguish between true and false, and effectively reduces dizziness. (wind speed and air volume), sports swing and other feelings are integrated into one, multi-dimensional simulation simulation is carried out, bringing an immersive and pleasant experience to the experiencer.

This water drop cabin is independently developed by Nanjing Total Control, and is suitable for science education in various science experience halls. The experiencer boarded the spherical cockpit, fastened the seat belt, and then put on VR glasses, thus entering a sci-fi journey, just like time The shuttle takes you through different ages and different places to appreciate different scientific knowledge, which is very educational.

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