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This project is a VR simulation fatigue driving system specially developed by our company for the Science Museum, which allows the experiencer to intuitively feel the danger of fatigue driving. Using three-dimensional image real-time generation technology, automobile dynamics simulation physical system, large field of view display technology, six-degree-of-freedom motion platform, user input hardware system, stereo sound, central control system, VR technology, etc. In the environment, feel the visual, auditory and somatosensory car driving experience that is close to the real effect.

The VR traffic safety simulation system provides an immersive experience in various aspects such as drunk driving, speeding driving, and fatigue driving. Put on VR glasses and experience unexpected situations that would not be encountered in daily life in a virtual environment. Using VR technology with interactive functions, the scene is real and the environment is close to life, which can make people experience the consequences of traffic violations immersive, and get a deeper experience in actual experiential education. The use of VR technology allows the experiencers to experience the state of the accident more realistically and attracts the active participation of the masses.