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UAV is an unmanned flying vehicle, among which small UAVs are widely used in engineering and life, replacing humans to complete many dangerous or difficult tasks, and play an important role in the rapid development of human beings .

However, the existing drones cannot fly for a long time due to various reasons, and need to land and charge frequently. When landing and docking frequently and the number of drones is large, people need to constantly adjust the landing position. Therefore, the design is practical and automatic. It is necessary to have a drone lift platform that can automatically adjust the parking position for docking the drone. Especially in the sea, the turbulence of the waves can easily cause the collision and damage of the drone. It is very necessary to develop a drone lift platform that can automatically adjust the parking position.

Self-balancing at sea is a product that solves the problem of shaking and vibrating the deck of ships at sea following the sea surface. It is used in drone lift, boarding trestle, radar balance, material transportation, etc. Through the motion prediction of waves and ships and active servo control technology, the roll, pitch and heave motions of the ship are compensated, so that the platform can maintain a relatively stable state or make the swaying and heave motions greatly under high sea conditions. reduce. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact us!