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The 6DOF VR fighter flight simulation simulator integrates the flight and driving experience equipment of the simulated cockpit, motion platform, visual system, touch console, computer system, power supply system and communication module.

The cockpit of the six-degree-of-freedom fighter flight simulation simulator can accommodate a pilot and is equipped with a set of flight control equipment with a force feedback system. The cockpit uses realistic digital flight instruments and touch consoles, which are controlled by a single person. Control the plane. During the driving process, the user can feel that he is in the cockpit of a real aircraft. The degree of damping of the joystick held by the hand can reflect the change of the grip force required for different attitudes of the aircraft. Through the cockpit window, you can see the realistic sky, Different scenes such as mountains, rivers, cities, and roads and airports.

Features of this 6DOF VR fighter flight simulation simulator:

1. High-fidelity simulation cockpit

1) The same layout as the real aircraft, the high simulation design of the structure, and the environmental experience basically consistent with the real aircraft.

2) Realistically simulate the operation and instrument display of the aircraft, providing a near-real aircraft control experience.

3) High simulation flight cockpit structure, more realistic simulated driving environment, sturdy and durable, the surface appearance and quality are consistent with the real aircraft.

4) Instrument display high-fidelity simulation real machine design, including independent liquid crystal instrument, integrated display instrument EFIS, aircraft switch panel, navigation instrument and switch, etc.

5) The operation equipment provides the driver with a highly realistic simulated operation experience. Imported professional equipment is used, and the operation signal and feel are consistent with the real machine.

2. HD visual system

1) The visual system adopts advanced virtual reality technology to provide aircraft pilots with a highly realistic and deeply immersive visual experience.

2) The virtual reality visual technology allows the driver to be immersed in the scene, and at the same time transmits the aircraft motion information to the driver, which can replace the dynamic function of the motion system.

3) Multi-channel, high-lumen, high-definition engineering projectors provide high-quality, deeply immersive virtual reality scenes by using fusion correction technology as the large-screen seamless splicing processor/cluster of the ring screen system.

4) High-definition ring screen or spherical screen visual display screen to meet the requirements of large viewing angle for flight.

3. Precise manipulation load simulation system

The manipulation load simulation system is a professional equipment independently developed by China Eastern Airlines Technology for providing operational force feedback for flight simulation of aircraft, fighter jets and helicopters. The force control load system adopts six-axis servo control technology to provide high-precision force output for multiple directions such as joystick and rudder. The product series includes two-dimensional force-sensing rocker components, two-dimensional force-sensing pedal components, and force-sensing throttle levers It can accurately simulate the force feedback of the aircraft's external environment to the aircraft's operation and the corresponding position signals during the flight.

The VR fighter jet simulation is suitable for popular science exhibition halls, flight training, scientific research, etc. It can swing left and right with the flight state through a six-degree-of-freedom platform, providing an ultra-real flight simulation experience. It also supports games such as Microsoft flight simulation, simulated air combat, and ace air combat.

Full Control Technology has many years of experience in the production and development of three/six degrees of freedom motion platforms. The independently developed AC500 series boards are second to none in the industry, with good compatibility. They use the serial port protocol to meet the access of most game product applications and company personal development applications on the market, greatly reducing user maintenance and installation costs. Our simulators are all made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which makes the appearance more novel and the operation interface more simple and clear. Many universities and colleges in China have purchased our platform as a dynamic simulation experiment, which not only brings exciting entertainment driving experience, but also meets the test test. and other research needs. If you have this requirement, please feel free to consult and buy!

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