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The 6DOF motion platform is a dynamic simulation device used for the simulation training of aircraft and sports equipment (such as aircraft and vehicles). Motion (vertical, lateral, longitudinal, pitch, roll, yaw), that is, translation in the X, Y, Z directions and rotation around the X, Y, and Z axes, and the compound motion of these degrees of freedom.

The 6DOF platform has the following characteristics:

(1) The 6of platform is supported by 6 cylinders at the same time. Compared with the cantilever beam of the series mechanism, it has high rigidity and stable structure, and has a higher bearing capacity than the series mechanism under the same self-weight or volume;

(2) The error on the end piece of the series mechanism is the accumulation and amplification of the errors of each joint, so its precision is low and the error is large, while the six-degree-of-freedom platform using the parallel mechanism has no error accumulation and amplification, so the error is small and the precision is high;

(3) The six-degree-of-freedom platform adopts a symmetrical structure with good isotropy;

(4) In terms of position solution, it is easy to obtain the positive solution for the series mechanism, but very difficult to obtain the inverse solution, while it is difficult to obtain the positive solution using the 6-DOF platform of the parallel mechanism, but it is very easy to obtain the inverse solution. The inverse solution is required for online real-time calculation. In contrast, the parallel mechanism is easy to implement.

The software part mainly includes user interface program, servo algorithm program, PID parameter setting program, etc.

The function of the electronic control part is to receive the command data output by the control system and transmit it to the servo driver. The driver amplifies the signal and controls the movement of the motor, which in turn drives the movement of the electric cylinder, and finally makes the table body achieve various attitudes. Including industrial computer, motion control card, servo driver, servo motor, resistance ruler and related electrical components.

The mechanical part is used to support the load, including the upper platform, the upper connecting hinge, the lower connecting hinge, the electric cylinder, the support frame, the base, etc. The platform is driven by an electric cylinder to perform three attitudes of roll, yaw, and pitch and six degrees of freedom of X, Y, and Z translation.

In the drive system of the six-degree-of-freedom platform, the servo electric cylinder omits the intermediate energy conversion link, the motor directly generates force and torque, and the motion process is determined and efficient. It has the advantages of small size, sensitive response, convenient use and low cost, and does not require complicated piping systems.

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