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The 6DOF motion simulation platform simulator system is composed of Stewart multi-degree-of-freedom motion platform, computer control system, motor drive system and so on. The bottom platform is fixed on the ground and the top platform is used to support the load. A computer control system is programmed to control the stroke and speed of the electric linear actuators to achieve multi-degree-of-freedom motion of the motion platform in three-dimensional space. Specifically, the motion platform can freely change position, eg, translate forward/backward (surge), up/down (heave), left/right (swing) in three vertical axes, and generally Changing direction by rotating around three vertical axes is called yaw (normal axis), pitch (horizontal axis) and roll (vertical axis).

The 6DOF Stewart motion platform has the following characteristics:

1. The 6dof platform is supported by six cylinders at the same time. The rigidity is larger than that of the cantilever beam of the tandem mechanism, the structure is stable, and the bearing capacity is higher than that of the tandem mechanism under the same self-weight or volume.

2. The error of the end parts of the series mechanism is the accumulation and amplification of the errors of each joint, so the accuracy is low and the error is large, while the six-degree-of-freedom platform using the parallel mechanism has no error accumulation and amplification, so the error is small and the precision is high.

3. The 6dof platform adopts a symmetrical structure with good isotropy.

4. Regarding the position solution, it is easy to find the positive solution for the series mechanism, but it is very difficult to find the inverse solution. easy to accomplish.

5. The software part mainly includes user interface program, servo algorithm program, PID parameter setting program, etc.

6. The role of the electronic control unit is to receive the command data output from the control system and transmit it to the servo driver. The driver amplifies the signal to control the movement of the motor, drives the electric cylinder, and finally makes the base realize various postures, including machine tools, motion control Cards, servo drives, servo motors, resistance meters and related electrical components, etc.

7. The machine part is used to support the load, including the upper platform, the upper connecting hinge, the lower connecting hinge, the electric cylinder, the support frame, the base, etc. The platform is driven by the electric cylinder to carry out three postures of lateral vortex, yaw, and pitch. Motion with six degrees of freedom in x, y, and z translation.

8. In the drive system of the 6dof platform, the servo electric cylinder omits the intermediate energy conversion link, so that the motor directly generates force and torque, so as to determine the high efficiency of the movement process, with small size, fast response, convenient use and low cost. Advantage, no complicated piping system is required.

The main applications of the six-degree-of-freedom Stewart motion platform:

1. Motion simulation (flight simulation, driving simulation, road simulation, ocean wave simulation, earthquake simulation, space docking ground test);

2. Parallel machine tools;

3. Parallel robot precision positioning device (micro-movement mechanism, large-scale integrated circuit processing, parallel excavation machinery, space assembly manipulator, large telescope, camera focusing, etc.);

4. Six-dimensional torque sensor;

5. Vibration isolation platform (using its fast response capability).

The main functions of the six-degree-of-freedom Stewart motion platform:

1. It can realize position simulation, sine wave simulation, single-degree-of-freedom and multi-degree-of-freedom composite sinusoidal motion;

2. The motion reproduction of wave spectrum, road spectrum and flight spectrum can be realized;

3. The origin of the motion coordinate system can be translated to a certain point of the specimen;

4. With precise zero position locking and any position locking function within the range of motion;

5. The control system adopts real-time control, and the control system should be able to record the motion parameters of the six-degree-of-freedom platform in real time and reproduce the test process with three-dimensional animation;

6. It has an independent real-time measurement system.