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Aerospace research is a large-scale project with huge costs and complex variables and parameters. How to ensure the safety of its personnel and equipment is the first issue to be considered. In recent years, with the maturity of virtual simulation technology, its advantages such as economy, safety and repeatability have been widely recognized, which can help to make up for various limitations of real experiments, thereby greatly improving efficiency and exploration capabilities.

In the flight simulation cockpit, the driving training simulation of professional-level pilots can be performed, including real-time rendering of dynamic processes such as take-off, acceleration, bumping, and cruising.

The significance of professional aviation flight simulation cabin

1. Simulation flight experience simulation

In the flight simulation cockpit, a flight experience cabin with a high degree of simulation can be established, which simulates the entire flight journey of the aircraft, including take-off, taxiing, flying, and landing, from vision, hearing to vibration. The distant view is vast and vast, and the close-up view is meticulous and exquisite, breaking the limitations of flight vision, and the terrain and vegetation can be clearly presented.

2. Simulation of sudden failure and emergency plan

The flight simulation cockpit can also simulate sudden failures and emergency scenarios during flight, and train pilots, flight attendants, etc. to operate skills and respond to crises. The equipment also supports the virtual simulation demonstration of aircraft manufacturing engineering, which can observe the assembly of the airframe from various angles and distances, and provide a visual solution for aircraft maintenance.

The simulated cockpit is completely one-to-one with the real flight simulation cockpit. The driving operation is no different from the real aircraft. There is only one simulated cockpit, and the one-to-one ratio is exactly the same as that of the real cockpit. The visual effect system of super 180-degree high-definition projection, the same cockpit layout as the real aircraft, the same visual system as the real world, the airport, lights, cities, buildings, mountains and rivers are all restored one by one, as if immersed in the scene. full of feeling.

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